Monday, July 21, 2014

I'm A Quitter.

Remember that post about that cool pool I got to hang out in for physical therapy?  You know, the one to help my Fibromyalgia?  Well, I kinda sorta quit aqua therapy.

Fine, there’s no kinda sorta about it.  I just up and quit.  Not because I didn’t enjoy working out in a pool.  That I totally dug.  I love swimming.  Even though this wasn’t anything like swimming.  It was more like work.  The drive getting to the aqua therapy center and then taking at least two hours of my day finally clinched the decision for me to throw in the beach towel.  Plus, I didn’t feel any better.  I felt worse for days after the session.  

Yes, I know that’s part of getting back into the groove of things.  No pain, no gain.  But, in my case, the pain was popping up in new places and causing my migraines to flare up.  I spent more time in pain then out of it.  So, I quit.  

Not to worry though.  I found a replacement to exercise those weary muscles.  One that I am totally digging.  


Does it hurt?  Yep.  Am I winded after a mile?  Yep.  Will I quit?  Nope.*
It’s been a great way to exercise and enjoy the gorgeous weather too.  I even got the Peanut involved.  She wanted to start running so I bike next to her while she jogs.  We go 3/4 miles at a slow pace for a bike, then I drop her off at home and bike a mile as fast as my out-of-shape body will let me.  It takes me about eight minutes to do that mile and I’m pretty sure that sucks, but it’s better than doing nothing.  I know I’ll get faster as time passes.  *I’m not sure I’ll keep it up when it gets bitter cold out, but I’ll worry about that when I have to.

Got this for $20

Plus, I upgraded my yoga workout with a new kit.  It’s a challenge.  Some days I can’t make it through both exercises on the DVD but man, it feels good.  The boys are a bit uncomfortable when Mr. Rodney Yee is on the screen.  He wears what IMDB would call “skimpy underwear” for both exercises.  And the camera man isn’t shy about getting close ups of his groin while he’s doing them.

I’m excited about my new work out.  Who wouldn’t be with sneakers like these?  They rock!

Have you gotten any cool stuff lately?

~~~@  ~~~@

I won’t be around next week.  I’ll be on vacation.  Be well everyone.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Is it the end?

“All good things must come to an end.”

Or, so the saying goes. 

I guess in my case it’s more, “All good things may come to an end.”

Don’t worry.  You’re not getting rid of me so easily.  I’m not talking about my blog.  I’m talking about my S-Anon meetings.  The meetings are on a pause for the summer due to low attendance and I miss them terribly.  For me, it’s not only a safe place to share my experiences but one that reminds how things used to be in my world.  They serve as a reminder how important it is for Devin and I to stay in recovery.

I was the trusted servant for our small group for close to two years.  I was also the treasurer, the contact person for newcomers and the WSO, performed local outreach, and a meeting facilitator.  It was a lot for one person but I wanted our meetings to thrive so when no one volunteered, I took on the responsibilities.

Last fall I got help from another member to be the meeting facilitator and that allowed me to get a break every other week. But, even with that help, I was burnt out.  Two years was just too long to do it all, no matter how I loved the meetings.  I knew I needed to step down as a trusted servant when I started to resent not getting additional help for the other positions I held.  It revealed I was in the wrong place mentally.

In May I stepped down from being a trusted servant leaving all those positions vacant.  We sent out an email and text to the members asking for volunteers.  It wasn’t fair that the other woman take on everything I was leaving behind.  Sadly, only one person stepped up to help lead meetings and she wasn’t able to do any in July.  

Six weeks after I stepped down, I was asked by the two volunteers what I thought about stopping the meetings until school was back in session.  As difficult as it was for me to say, (control freak that I can be at times), I said it was up to them since it was their time they were donating to the group.  

I wanted to persuade them to keep the group running.  We never know when a newcomer may come along.  I wanted to tell them to send out texts to those we haven’t seen letting them know we were thinking about them.  I wanted to ask what kind of outreach they were doing to maintain attendance.  But, I didn’t do any of that.  Those were things I chose to do and I shouldn’t expect them to do the same.

As my favorite saying goes, “A high expectation is a premeditated resentment.”  I needed to lower my expectations and let the meeting go.  If it’s meant to start up again in the fall then it will.  If not, I am happy with the work I put in and those who have helped me on my journey.

Of course, that doesn’t mean I won’t still miss them.  I’ll just have to find another anon meeting to attend.

Have you ever had something you loved end abruptly?